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Rob Weil of the AFT is working with Prov. Teachers Union

Rob Weil the Deputy Director of Field Programs and Educational Issues for the American Federation of Teachers has agreed to work with the Providence Teachers Union during the upcoming contract negotiations.  At the October 9th membership meeting Rob addressed the teachers present and voiced his commitment. Weil told the members that “he worked for them” and that he was resolved to helping us reach a collective bargaining agreement that would address both the needs of the students and the needs of the teachers.  Rob Weil is a veteran of numerous contentious contract negotiations, most recently in Baltimore and Cleveland.  The PTU is very happy to have him on board. His experience will be a valuable asset to our team.  We will keep you informed more as information becomes available.

The Providence Teachers Union Supports the PSU Talent Show

Providence Student Union held a Citywide Talent Show on Friday October, 11th at Grant’s Block Park, across from the RIDE offices on Westminster Street. Several hundred students, teachers and community members turned out to watch the performers and support the Providence Student Union.  The highlight of the show was the “NECOP” skit, which featured a “NECAP police” officer interrupting a student’s performance to force him to take a NECAP test. The members of the Providence Teachers Union commend the creativity of the PSU and their ability to continually find new and creative ways to point out the absurdity of the NECAP graduation requirement.

A History of the Providence Teachers Union 

This serialized feature by Daniel Wall will chronicle the history of the Providence teachers Union. Click here to read Part I: A Teachers Union is Born on January 31, 1947

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PTU Delegation at RI AFL-CIO Convention

President Steve Smith and Executive board members Alex Lucini, Allison Rose, Cherie Sanger and Dan Wall represented the Providence Teachers Union at the Rhode Island AFL-CIO convention.  The convention was held on Friday, October 18th at Twin River Casino.  The main order of business for the evening was the re-election of George Nee as President, and Maureen Martin as Secretary-Treasurer.  In addition, the program contained many inspiring speeches from labor leaders from across the state.  In his acceptance speech, President Nee emphasized the importance of a strong labor movement in rebuilding the state’s economy, as well as the need for solidarity in the political arena.

Providence Schools Send Joint Team to Turn Conference

On March 1st and 2nd a joint labor management team representing the Providence schools attended the Northeast TURN Winter forum in Boston. Superintendent Lusi and members of district administration attended. PTU participants included President Steve Smith and Executive Board members Alex Lucini, Robyn Peterson, Cherie Sanger and Dan Wall. The Teachers Union Reform Network (TURN) was founded in 1996 by union leaders Adam Urbanski and Helen Bernstein as a vehicle to help unions develop and explore initiatives designed to improve student learning. The founders believed that teachers unions needed to be involved in the planning and implementation of educational reforms.
 This year’s winter forum focused on linking the Common Core standards and teacher evaluations to teacher practice. Participants explored ways to establish and improve programs and policies for improved teaching effectiveness and student learning. The landscape of public education is changing at a rapid pace and it is helpful to hear how teachers and districts throughout the nation handling these changes.

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